Meet Michaela

Michaela Raner


Michaela Raner has been in the Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Media space her entire career.  She has over 18 years of experience working with small, medium and large corporations.  Her contagious energy and incredible work ethic keeps you coming back for more.

Michaela’s knack for creativity, design, strategy and execution allows her to be a powerhouse on any team.  She has a get it done, get it right and get it now philosophy.

In Michaela’s free time you will catch her on the sidelines at cheer competition, in a coaches uniform at soccer games and running for a fly ball at the baseball field.  A competitive local triathlete who gets her kicks chasing her next competitor up Peralta Trail.

“Try us out you won’t be disappointed.  As a matter of fact you’ll be bragging to all your friends.”


Meet Resi

Theresia Resi Mamizuka - VP of Media and PR

Theresia Resi Mamizuka


I’m the first aid kit when it comes to media. I can spin a tragic story to hopeful or highlight your company’s best parts to get in the news. I can make your company shine.

My Motto: Life is a performance
Performance is the key to everything… and connecting your client and audience is the best marketing tool you have. From your CEO to your sales team, I can help your company connect in ways that matter. My experience in media will bring your company front and center. I started on a syndicated radio show at 15. I was hired on a morning crew to help wake listeners up! I hosted a tv show in high school for the underground music scene in Seattle which later evolved into mainstream grunge.  In college I upped my game. While studying media arts, I was the host of our weekly university news magazine program. I also jumped into internships at CBS and NBC.

Straight from college I was on the air working at a NBC affiliate covering Northern California. It is here where I dove in deep. I was not only anchoring reporting but producing and promoting the stations broadcasts. This taught me where, how and who can break through to the media.   From there my personal media specialty experience took off.   Mixing media and money, I worked as a network financial news reporter and producer.   I was then sought out to be a television host which led to acting and modeling. I am an active member of SAG/AFTRA. I have been on national campaigns for Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Coca Cola, Coca Cola and Volkswagen.

My experience will make your company look seasoned and savvy when it comes to getting up and out there.  I provide my expertise in Voice Coaching, On-Camera Presenting, Group speaking, Training Videos, In-house Marketing Videos, Photo Shoots, Promotional Videos, Expert Events Planning.

I can guarantee whatever the situation, my work will be what you want. I will make it when you want it and most importantly how you want it.


Meet Mariah

Mariah Riney - Creative Director

Mariah Riney


Mariah is an Arizona native (Give ’em hell Devils!), with an knack for creative solutions. She has experience with graphic design, social media management/ads, and content writing for businesses of all sizes.  Her quirky sense of humor and no nonsense mentality means you’ll end up with content that will win across any demographic.

In Mariah’s spare time she braves Phoenix’s 110+ degree weather by hiking, and volunteers to teach art classes to kids at the local community center. You can also find her catching up on her favorite guilty pleasure; binge watching Monster Fish episodes.


Meet Brian

Debbie Hoffman National Sales Manager

Brian Hernandez

Director of PPC & SEO

With over 10 years experience in the digital marketing space, Brian was a top performer at a major online marketing agency. In 2010, he took his experience and entrepreneurial spirit and founded Scottsdale Digital Agency, with the simple goal of offering a more boutique agency-level service to help both local and national brands maximize their online performance. Since then, Brian has successfully helped hundreds of businesses become relevant online and increase their bottom line.





Meet Kelly

Kelly Diebald National Account Manager

Kelly Dieball

National Account Manager

Kelly is a recent ASU graduate from the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering with a degree in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management. Kelly is a self-motivated “detail” person–the kind who has had a positive impact within her professional environment, increasing productivity with results that influences brand equity. Kelly has built a positive atmosphere and continuously strives to improve the customer experience. She has been trained in business development during her time at Arizona State University in more than a few startups, internships, sorority functions, faculty seminars, and as the President of Entrepreneurship. Kelly is known to light up any room she walks into with her contagious enthusiasm and a smile always on her face.

In her spare time you can catch Kelly learning how to cook off of Pinterest or practicing her acoustic guitar. She also enjoys spending time with her family at her cabin in Payson or with her friends out and around Scottsdale.




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